Conveners’ Circle

Deborah Convener

February 6th, 2014 | Full size: 407 × 514

DEBORAH ZAHER – CONNECTION CONVENER “I’m so deeply grateful to be part of this inspiring organisation… I’ve been blessed to be part of the Conveners’ Circle since 2012 and to work with incredible women who lead with real wisdom, grace, honour and a deep understanding of circle. My role is to make the website sparkle, monitor the Facebook and Twitter pages, assist Regional Coordinators in creating their Facebook groups and write our gorgeous newsletter! During my term as a Convener I aim to bring our global sisterhood more together using the internet and one of the ways I’m doing this is with an article called Circle Spotlight, which is posted on the blog and in the newsletter… Circle Spotlight shines the spotlight on GTW circles around the world, one by one, allowing us to see our sisters’ faces, read all about them and connect with their hearts… weaving us all closer together in this big luscious tapestry of GTW. “

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