Meet Your Conveners

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March 18th, 2016 | Full size: 450 × 431

PATRICIA QUERITET – EUROPEAN CONVENER “My heart blooms every time I connect from that deep inner sanctuary with my Sisters of Gather the Women! When I found GTW, my life started to change so deeply, as I changed through this deep feminine field of Gather The Women Global Matrix. In October 2015 I went to our Annual Gathering in Florida and met my sisters face-to-face and loved them all right away! I feel that my contribution to the conveners is to help women wake up, and stand up so that they can start their own circles. Belgian sisters are hearing the call, and my intention is also to gather women in the Netherlands and in France to come more with their own beautiful circles. I feel I am a contact person for Benelux and France and I am also mentoring sisters to step in their true feminine leadership. My deepest wish is to help create more and more circles, to help heal the feminine energy and to help heal our beautiful Mother. I believe in Co-Creation with my Conveners sisters to hold each other’s hands, heart-to-heart, and to walk this path of the Sacred Feminine together all over the world.”

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