Wisdom Council

We honor the many lineages of wisdom that have inspired and called forth Gather the Women Global Matrix. The following leaders have each offered a vital perspective for evolving a better world, calling women forward into their wholeness for the betterment of the human family. These women have agreed to serve on the GTW Wisdom Council. We are deeply grateful for their contributions to humanity, their leadership, and their examples as Women of Wisdom.

Angie Lux

Diane Jung

Marilyn Nyborg

Joy Adams

Rowdy Brewick

Barb Belknap

Kathie Murtey

Mary Kay Carle

Dawn Gandalf

Jeanie DeRousseau

Kathe Schaaf

Bonnie Kelley

Jenn Ball

Deborah Carson

Beth Blevins

Judith Prosser

Nancy Busey

Katharina Sebert

Ursula Bischoff

Florencia Aduriz

Mary Cunningham

Susan Lynn Keys

Michelle Landry

Lorraine Lima

Suzan Nolan

Dee Ryder


Laura Tria