Susan Lynn

January 17th, 2018 | Full size: 3177 × 3950


Gather the Women came into my life in 2016 creating a spiritual shift that continues to strengthen each day. After a very short time, I felt a need to participate more actively, and was moved to become a facilitator for a Circle in my home. We now invite women twice a month to sit in Circle for the sharing and deep conversations so important to women today. As my spiritual journey continued, I realized there was more to be done to support Gather the Women, so I volunteered to become the Treasurer. As such there is opportunity to guide the financial workings of the organization as it expands. It is a privilege to work more intimately with Gather the Women and to realize the talents and inner beauty of the Conveners, Circle Coordinators and all the women with which I interact. With this new spiritual platform on which to rest my life, there is renewed excitement in being a part of the next phase of women’s empowerment to move forward in promoting gender equality, women’s rights and a plethora of actions toward making this a more peaceful and sustainable planet on which to live.

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