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Welcome to our tutorial page where you will find information and training videos on most of what you will need to know about using your new WordPress site, Facebook and Benchmark.
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Managing Facebook Groups


How to set-up a Facebook Group

How to set-up and manage your Facebook Group






How to post events on WordPress once you are registered as a user.

How to register as a WordPress user to post events

How to post a blog

How to swap out the slide show pictures…

Creating your First Event on WordPress:

NOTE– To create your first event, you must be registered as a user of the site FIRST.

Once that is complete simply go to Add Event > Add New and start filling out the fields. Note that you may want to set up locations and categories beforehand, although you are able to enter basic location information as you enter events too, or select a previously used location.

Recurring Events:

With recurring events, the start date represents the first instance (or the first date a recurrence can start on, depending on recurrence setting) a recurrence can occur, and the end date is the last day an event can occur. So, if you had a weekly recurring event with start and end dates of a month, you would have four events during the selected month.


To enable bookings in your event, provided bookings are enabled on the settings page (enabled by default) you should check the enable bookings box and edit/add appropriate tickets. If you are using bookings, you certainly want to view the Booking and Ticketing Options, Booking Email Templates and Email Settings.

Displaying Events:

You’ll notice the word “Format” in many options on the settings page. This is the word we use for snippets of html templates for how bits of information about Events Manager should be displayed.

Using placeholders, you can easily create customized formats by changing the default html and placeholders. With conditional placeholders, you can also show and hide certain information depending on whether a certain condition is true, e.g. if an event has bookings, you would want to show some more event information.

It may be that you want to show events elsewhere, such as within your posts, pages, or sidebars. This is possible with widgets and shortcode.

Introduction to Blogging:

Introduction to Blogging


How To Use the Photo Gallery:


How to Setup an Autoresponder in Benchmark

How to find info on new GTW site subscribers:


Slideshow Help