Welcome to GTW

Welcome to Gather the Women Global Matrix!

You are now part of a global network of grassroots women and women’s organizations who are activating the incredible power of women’s wisdom on a planetary scale.  Please be on the lookout for an email from us with this same information and bookmark this page for easy reference.  🙂

Our mission is to gather women together in circles to bring the feminine into balance with the masculine. This is a unique women’s movement where, using circle principles,we invite women into a deeper conversation than the usual social commentary. Circle conversations are a safe place for women to find their voice, to find passion and to take action, if they so choose.

Our role is to create large and small events that connect, educate, empower, and inspire. And we provide activists who are already involved a place to be nurtured, re-inspired and to find collaborative partners for their visions and projects.

Now that you have registered, you will receive the GTW newsletter by email. And there are many ways you can connect with others and participate in our global matrix:


Become familiar with circle principles and start a gathering of sisters in your area. For helpful suggestions on how to create a circle, refer to this very informative guide from our sister organization, PeerSpirit.com

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PeerSpirit-Circle-Guidelines


Do you want to be listed as a Gather the Women Sister?  Just register  by clicking on the Sisters Directory under the Circles tab and filling out the form!  The more women who register here, the easier it will be to locate other GTW women in our own areas!


Regional Coordinators (RCs) are anchor points to help gather women in circle and create GTW events. Contact the RC in your area to find out more about local gatherings or if you see a need in your area for a women’s gathering, consider becoming a part of the RC Circle.

Please contact Mary Cunningham, our Regional Coordinator Convener, at

mary@gatherthewomen.org for information about becoming one of our regional coordinators.


Share your wisdom, list your events, connect with our global community of sisters and help us grow our virtual circle by joining our Facebook GROUP at:


Please also “Like” our Fan page.

Thank you for your interest, intention and your future participation in the GLOBAL ARISING OF WOMEN’S WISDOM!

Love in Sisterhood,

The Conveners of Gather the Women Global Matrix