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Singing is Alejandra from Uruguay

Click on the PDF below
for  some Basic Guidelines
for Calling a Circle
(from PeerSpirit)

Why a Circle?


We know that the circle is the most ancient way for human beings to come together. In circle, there is no hierarchy and no separation. With a vase of colorful flowers on a beautiful scarf in the center, or some other object of beauty or meaning, we create a focal point. In very large gatherings, we use our ingenuity to create the sense of connection and intention that circle brings.

Within GTW, we come together to examine our beliefs and their origins. We help each other recognize who we are now, and who we would like to become. Together, we explore changes we would like to effect in the world. The possibilities are infinite when women are inspired and encouraged by each other. We also find support and renewed energy in circle for what we are doing in our lives.


A GTW circle can be involved in the bigger picture of activism, but there does not have to be a specific agenda other than to be inspired, affirmed, and/or empowered. The circle can also simply be a safe place for renewal. GTW encourages gathering in circles for the betterment and empowerment of ourselves and all women.


Gather the Women has many circles in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Portugal,

the Canary Islands, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Israel, Germany, Denmark,

Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Australia.


Pictured from left: Pat, Tu Bears, Lisa, and Dawn

"Working Circle" at the 2019 GTW Annual Gathering in Maine.


GTW Circle Principles

All GTW activities and offering are guided by the following Circle Principles.

  • Gather the Women Circles welcome diverse perspectives, offer a sacred center to hold space for the spirit of the Circle, and an intentional Rim to embrace the energy created. 

  • Gather the Women Circles encourage the use of a talking piece for each Sister’s voice or her silence to be heard in the Circle. We practice deep listening, refrain from side conversations and comments, and we do not offer advice. 

  • A Circle offers a safe place for women to share their personal experiences. 

  • A Circle Guardian may use a sounding device to call for a pause for moments of reflection and to re-center the circle. 

  • Gather the Women acknowledges that there is a leader in every chair and each Sister is responsible for the health of the Circle. 

  • Personal information shared in Gather the Women Circles remains confidential. 

  • Gather the Women leadership understands that ours is not the only way or a better way. Ours is simply another way.

Find GTW circles listed on the Divine Feminine App (The DFApp).
Search for other in-person and virtual circles in your area for free!

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