Welcome to Gather the Women Global Matrix

Gather the Women Global Matrix™ (GTW)  is a worldwide sisterhood that connects women through circles, creating safe space to share our true selves. In circles, we find our voices, reclaim our power and remember our self-worth. We celebrate our unique diversity as well as the rising of the Divine Feminine, leading to personal and planetary transformation.

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There is a story about one of the original GTW women who found a letter that her own mother had written when her mother was only in her 40s.  And in the letter her mother had written the question,  “Where, oh where, are my sisters?”   The longing to be in Circle with other women is deeply seated in the hearts and souls of so many women.
If you would like to know if there is a women’s circle in your area, we invite you to email the Circle Coordinator Convener Tu Bears giving your location and we will be happy to share circle information that we have for that area!



We invite you to download our Guidelines in How to Form a Circle
Be inspired to create your own circle!