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GATHER THE WOMEN GLOBAL MATRIX (GTWGM), a registered 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, is a global network of women who share a belief that the time is now to activate the incredible power of women's wisdom on a planetary scale. We are part of an exciting, fast-growing movement - a new wave of energy - to joyfully reclaim feminine principles for creating a world of peace, balance, and well-being for all.

About our New Logo


Our new GTWGM logo was designed with the Flower of Life creating a golden matrix covering the globe. The Flower of Life is Sacred Geometry consisting of 19 overlapping, interconnected circles, and was chosen for the matrix of our logo because it is symbolic of the union of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. It represents the unity of all life and the interconnectedness of all beings. It is also representational of the interconnectedness of Gather the Women Circles.


The symbol dates as far back as 645 BC when it was discovered carved in the Assyrian Palace of King Ashurbanipal and was also found in the Ancient Egyptian temple of Osiris. It is said to contain a “secret code” that underpins the basic building blocks of the universe. It symbolizes eternity, life, the universe, and spirituality representing that our existence is part of a divine, interconnected plan. 

How GTW is different from other organizations


Gather the Women is not a typical activist movement. Our intention is to serve as a matrix of women around the world, much like Indra’s Net, where each knot is a woman in the world, connected by shared experiences with other women.


We seek to connect hearts. We do not attempt to tell women what they should think or feel. We seek to create a safe space where women can explore and expand the powerful pieces of common ground we all share.


Gather the Women is a container of support and sustenance that enables and encourages women to be activists, women of influence, or whatever they choose to do that aligns with our values of truth, peace, love, non-violence, justice, relationship, understanding, and acceptance.  It is our belief that women are hungry for deeper, more meaningful conversations. When this need is met, their sense of self is strengthened. They are more confident in taking action in the world. We are very proud of our sisters, and what each one of them offers to the world. As Marilyn Nyborg, one of our founding mothers said, “When women rise, all of humanity is lifted.”


In Gather the Women, we choose to nurture ourselves and build relationships by sitting in circle to share our stories, to learn, to laugh, and to cry in an empathetic embrace.

Gather the Women "Together" Quilt Image

" we gather our fragments, we're beginning to glimpse our wholeness - an entire orientation toward life

so different from what we've known that we can hardly take it in."

~ Carol Lee Flinders, author of "At the Root of this Longing"

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