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GTW Conveners


We are blessed at Gather the Women with the gift of brilliant leadership; women who lead from a place of deep service. We are grateful for their creativity, their expansive vision, and their integrity. Gather the Women relies upon the effective power of circle principles for leadership of our grassroots global movement.


Our Conveners make up our Board of Directors
and keep Gather the Women moving forward.
Dawn Gandalf: Matrix Convener
Dawn Gandalf: GTW Matrix Convener

There are things I know, things I have learned from deep inside. I have learned patience, acceptance, and tolerance from my relations the TreeElders. I have learned community from BeeSisters, been affirmed by the consistent flow of a river to the ocean, and the hoots of an owl while sending prayers on the wind in the deep silence of the pre-dawn. I have assisted bringing in life, looked into the eyes those leaving and washed/anointed their bodies. I have rocked children and Sisters, shared the “deep end of the pool” with many hearts while gaining respect, compassion and bridging differences. I have felt how healing forgiveness is; and, most importantly, I have loved and been loved. Who else I am won’t be measured by linear standards but by how I show up when called. The best role model in my life is how “S/HE” has shown me infinite patience and generosity, creatively providing “lessons” to grow by through unconditional love and acceptance and no attachment to outcome. I strive to do no less with others. I have been “called” and am ready to continue to serve HER, sharing what I have learned of the Divine Feminine with GTW. I have spoken and I am complete *) featherdawn 9 aka fd9

Mayra Hawkins: Treasurer Convener

Mayra Hawkins: GTW Treasurer Convener

As a Motherless Daughter, I always found myself surrounded by the love of my beloved Aunts. They were always there for me to love and support me during my young age and even after I became a single Mom. They have all transitioned by now and I really do cherish everything about our relationship, especially the pearls of wisdom. My journey with Gather the Women began in 2016 when I was looking for a place where I could be in the company of other women who would make me feel loved and understood like I did with my Aunts. I wanted to have those deep conversations again without any fear of judgment. I remembered entering my information to receive the newsletter from Gather the Women and received a call and the invitation to create Circles in my area instead! At first, I was not sure how or when, but as soon as I began to host Circles, I really felt at home. They are now a part of my life and I am honored to be a part of this matrix. I have been in the Banking and Financial Industry for over 20 years and have always loved building relationships with my clients and being of service to them. Listening to many of their stories inspired me to become a Spiritual Life Coach in 2011.   

Sandra Murray: Secretary Convener

Sandra Murray: GTW Secretary Convener

I’ve always lived by the motto, “Dare to take risks every day.” It’s shaped my life in so many ways – from being successful working in male dominated careers, negotiating my first salary, to developing my own businesses, and learning to embrace and live in my Divine Feminine energy. My life started to transform about fifteen years ago when I started taking time to reconnect with a time when I wasn’t wrapped up in the "shoulds" of life. I began a process of self-exploration and discovered my love of hiking, cooking, art, traveling, connecting with other women, yoga retreats and much more. Ten years ago while attending a vision quest workshop I envisioned myself being part of a far reaching Divine Feminine led organization that supported and empowered women to connect with their Divine Feminine wisdom. I envisioned a place where I could share my insights and experiences to empower women and move an organization forward. Imagine my excitement when I discovered the opening for the Secretary Conveners position! It happened so organically that I knew it was what I was waiting for. I look forward to meeting with and sharing with women across the globe.

Lisa Schmidt: USA Circle Coordinator Convener

Lisa Schmidt: GTW USA Circle Coordinator Convener

I live with my husband and two college-aged children in Michigan. Previously, I worked as a nurse and a health educator. I found that work to be rewarding and it filled my life with purpose and meaning. Now I find myself on a new path as I enter the “second act” of my life. One of the most powerful things I have ever experienced is having deep, spiritual conversations with other women in circle. The energy, connection, and sisterhood fills my soul. When I first found GTW, I immediately felt at home. I had attended the Virtual Annual Gathering, and although I had not previously met the women I was in circle with, I felt a bond with them. Afterwards, I knew I wanted to be a part of GTW and help further its mission of transformation at a personal, societal, and planetary level. I look forward to welcoming new sisters to GTW and helping them to connect with others in circle where they may find a safe space to be deeply heard and held.

Vitian Robinson: International Convener

Vitian Robinson - Leadership Photo.jpg

I am a daughter, mother, and friend. I don’t have any sisters by blood, but I have met many wonderful sisters along the way. I have always known there is more to us than we could ever imagine. I remember looking into the night moon and feeling small in a big world. Being a part of GTW has given me a place to belong, to grow, and to connect. It is helping me to find and listen to my inner voice. As I move forward on this new journey. I am looking forward to being a part of something greater than myself walking with and meeting like-minded women on their journey.

Nadine (Nay) Bell: Communications & Marketing Convener

Nadine Bell: GTW Communications & Marketing Convener

I came to Gather the Women through a friend. In 2018 I attended the Canadian GTW Retreat in Ontario and have never looked back. I could be myself, felt heard, and was held and supported. I knew then that I wanted to get involved but didn't know how. I filled out the volunteer survey and jumped into the Communications and Marketing (C&M) Circle to use my knowledge of social media, publications, and design. I have worked in healthcare communications for the last 24 years and when I volunteered, it has been in public relations/communications. I have also volunteered as Stage Manager/Producer in Community Theatre and enjoy singing karaoke and women's Barbershop. I am a widow and live with my companion, a chocolate labradoodle named Rosie. I am humbled and grateful to be part of GTW and look forward to sharing and promoting this organization with more women around the world.

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GTW Covenant of Leadership

The Covenant was developed by the GTW Conveners’ Circle to describe the core principles and practices which will guide our work together.

  • We will dedicate ourselves to the belief that each of us is enough right now. 

  • We will create containers that practice the form and principles of Circle, with a focus on shared leadership, shared responsibility, and shared deep listening, while evoking spirit. 

  • We will be honest and share what is true about our thoughts and feelings. 

  • We will aspire to be impeccable with our words, to do our very best, to take nothing for granted, and to suspend our assumptions. 

  • We will serve holistically – mind, body, spirit, and heart. 

  • We will show gratitude and affirm each other and each woman who participates in GTW. 

  • We will offer freely the abilities and skills that we possess and serve from a place of shared competency. 

  • We will serve as a global example of inclusivity, interdependence, and diversity – valuing, appreciating, and honoring all expressions of humanity and spirituality. 

  • We will dedicate ourselves to showing up fully and passionately in our readiness to serve. 

  • Our greatest value will be creating a place where all women can gather with the assurance their gifts will be honored. 


We Are Grateful for Your Support!

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