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Activating the Incredible Power of
Women's Wisdom on a Planetary Scale

Gather the Women Global Matrix (GTW) is a grassroots women’s organization activating the Divine Feminine in leadership by: supporting women to find their voice, empowering women to use their voice, and igniting women to direct their voice to create positive change in our world.


Over the past 20 years thousands of women have joined GTW in creating circles for women so that they can lead their lives in a way that changes the world. One of the founding members of GTW, Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD and author of 14 books currently supports our mission and is an example of how GTW impacts women. To date, we have approximately 4000 subscribers and contacts in 196 countries around our globe.


We are committed to an evolving and deepening understanding of feminine leadership. We believe a leader sits in every chair in circle. We joyfully share our knowledge by creating new ways to share leadership within GTW and with new program offerings, that empower sisters to build communities through global sisterhood leading to planetary transformation.


Our model of divine feminine leadership is grounded in Gather the Women’s Circle Principles and Practices. Integral to our Mission and Vision, every aspect of our organization, is based on the application of our principles and practices for all of our activities, program offerings and leadership.


Our circles are unique as they are in a “practicum” format. This provides a personal experience inviting women to discover their voice while in a safe environment.  Sacred circles heal, empower and celebrate, the Divine Feminine within ourselves and one another. These experiences enhance and balance the feminine and masculine, in all our relationships.


In creating sacred, safe spaces for women to express their authentic voices, GTW is enriched by diverse perspectives, fresh ideas and wisdom flowing from cycles of experience and/or reflection.

Your donation to Gather the Women Global MatrixTM, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, will assist us in empowering women worldwide. We use these donations to support our educational mission to provide trainings for facilitators of women's circles. This includes a Sponsorship Fund to assist women to attend our Annual Gathering, business expenses such as website maintenance and video conferencing, and our email marketing service. All women serving on the Conveners and Regional Coordinator Circles are volunteers.
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