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Guardianship Circles

Session One

The words ‘Guardianship Circle’ name a protocol, a protocol consisting of dozens of steps

that invoke a circle of protection that facilitates the growth of Good. It is also a circle of

containment. We can encircle ourselves, our communities, our works, world situations,

and more in Guardianship Circles.

In a Guardianship Circle, we are wrapped in layers of very specific protections that

enhance our connection with All Good.

While it is true no negative energy, regardless of its source can get in once a circle is

cast, it is also true that a Guardianship Circle will form around negative energies when

initially placed.

Acting as a containment field, a Guardianship Circle will allow the identification of

negative energies such as those of Outsiders and other dominating agendas within its

confines. Any negative energy encircled when the Guardianship Circle was invoked can

be removed by asking a set of entities known as the PTO remove that energy by saying

the words ‘Deep six’. These words activate another protocol consisting of many steps.

A guardianship circle is easy to call into existence. Simply state your intention to place a

Guardianship Circle around whatever you wish. Call it into being, and it is activated.


When you are finished with your work, open the circle and release the energy.

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