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The Quilt - Story 2

The Quilt Tug-of-War Between Cousins -- A Heart-felt Memory by Lorraine Robles (New York, USA)

The Quilt

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Annual Gathering for Gather The Women in Maine in September. On one side we had the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side we had a beautiful forest, but what was amazing to me was what was in between. Amazing womyn so loving, full of positive energy, kindness when they said hello or hugged you, you felt it was true from the heart no judgement, true sisters. It was a four-day event starting with the Mother Circle to different activities and fundraisers.

One of the fundraisers was a silent auction. I had gone to the house where it was being held and looked over the items several times. The auction was done on Saturday night after a great night of entertainment by the sisters with singing and dancing. I went to the house again to look over the items again and as I was entering the house, my cousin Corinne, my sister Elaine (blood sister) and Dawn were on the porch. I entered the house and walked around to the tables again, when I noticed this gorgeous quilt in these amazing fall colors. So I decided to put a bid on it, as I am writing the bid I hear from the porch "is that my cousin oh no she's not! ".

The next thing she's standing next to me and she takes her time writing her full name, middle name included, as she's doing that I go over to another table and get another pen. I knew the battle was on. I get back to the table and put my bid and with a little nudge form my sister Elaine I continue to write my name on all the lines except for one. Then my cousin goes to the bottom and writes her initials and as she is finishing, I slip in and put my initials and bid on the sheet and as I'm finishing writing the last number to the bid, the auctioneer says the bidding is over. I won the quilt... my poor cousin went back into our childhood feelings of the sister's beating her again and she's walking to the other end of the room not believing that I had beat her again.

I paid the auctioneer; she gives me the quilt and I walk toward the girls. I gave the quilt to my cousin. I didn't even think about it. I can truly say, I gave it to her from my heart. As I gave her the quilt, I tell her "For everything you ever done for me". You see, we are very close, we grew up together, we are more than cousins, we are soul sisters. She is an amazing womyn who I am lucky to have in my life. Nonetheless she was shocked as was everyone else in the room. I can honestly say that at that moment my mind, body, soul and heart were full of so much love from being around these amazing womyn for three days. My sister was able to capture the moment of the two of us rapped in the quilt.... a memory that will always be in my heart.

~Lorraine Robles

New York, USA


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