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In conjunction with our 2022 IWD Circle activities we invite women around the world to participate in a "Stone Soup" project to help further enhance the energy of the IWD2022 Themes. The above image represents the stone soup submissions we have received so far. Won't YOU add your "ingredient" to our Stone Soup?

How to Participate

You are encouraged to find a stone and decorate it with an empowerment message that resonates with you. Then lay your decorated stone on a piece of fabric or paper and take a photo so that only the stone and its message are visible on a solid colored background. Email the photo of your stone along with your first name and your location to The subject line of your email should be "Stone Soup Submission."

The photos that are submitted will become part of a "stone soup collage" that carries the empowering energy of women throughout the world. The collage will be displayed on this website and will keep growing throughout the year as more stones are added to the soup!


We recommend that you place your stone on your altar or sacred place in your home and meditate with it throughout the year, thus keeping the energy of IWD2022 alive. You could also bring it to your circles and place it in the middle with other stones that each woman has brought.


The Fabric of Gather the Women Global Matrix
Every woman from GTWGM around the world creating and
becoming stitches...

All of these stitches being connected into one fabric...
Into what is truly the Fabric of Gather the Women.
A true reflection of us, our spirits, the work we do, the places we
live and the circles we are part of.

What We’re Creating
The aim of our project is for every individual Gather the Women circle from around the world to create their own “patch” of material. This patch will be combined with all of the other patches to create one big beautiful piece of fabric that will reflect the women, culture, time, energy and spirit of each circle of Gather the Women. Connecting our patches into one piece of Gather the Women Quilt is a meaningful and beautiful way for us to celebrate not only ourselves and our sisterhood but also the significance of the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. The Global Pause!

How We’re Going to Create
Within each circle, a patch of material will be sewn, knitted, decorated, crocheted, weaved... Any way that you can make or decorate this patch, just do it! Everything is applicable! Let your heart and your creativity speak and the results will be wonderful. I suggest a center patch of the GTWGM logo which we can build around with our circle’s individual patches.

The Size of Our Patches
Each patch should be 30 cm x 30 cm which is 12 “ x 12 “

The Magic Patch Ingredients
The most important ingredients are IMAGINATION and LOVE! And remember that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you think it, then quite possibly it can be done. There is always a way! At your next Zoom circle, discuss the idea with your Sisters. Your own patch that you create solo is welcome. Everyone can contribute something to the fabric of GTWGM. Love every moment of this experience! It will be a bonding process on a local and global level! Suggestions: Glue gun, sharp scissors, fabric pens, sequins and beads, material letters, shells, feathers, stones, dried flowers, scraps of fabric, felt, needle and thread.

The Vision for the GTWGM Quilt Fabric #2
The First Quilt was created between 2012 and 2013. Our Sister, Deborah Elizabeth Borrett, Liverpool, UK, initiated our first Fabric project at our 2012 gathering, Lake Tahoe, Incline Village, NV. Our retired Matrix Convenor, Suzan Nolin, has received the completed gift. The quilt has been viewed at multiple gatherings. Our intention is for Quilt #2 to be displayed at our future gatherings. We can anticipate photos of the completed quilt.


Post your fabric squares to:

Nancy Busey

1590 Summerhill Lane
Lincoln, CA 95648-8348


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